Free Fall: a non-expert’s expert opinion.

Free Fall movie

Before I begin, let me make it quite clear that I know absolutely diddly squat about the business of making films. Any reviews I post will be written purely from a layman’s point of view!

At the end of May my friend Venessa and I were fortunate enough to score free tickets to the Wellington screening of Free Fall (Freier Fall in German). All we had to do in exchange for the free tickets was hand out condoms and lollipops before the movie started. Yes, that’s right: condoms and lollipops. And no, Free Fall is not a porno.

The movie was screened at the Paramount Theatre on Courtenay Place as part of Out Takes 2014 (the Wellington gay film festival) and we were privileged to be able to attend as representatives of Love Your Condom, the NZ Aid Foundation’s safe-sex initiative.

So, about the movie…. Free Fall is basically a tragic love story.


The two hunky actors do not live happily ever after. Or at least, we don’t know if they do: we have to imagine how their lives turn out. Boo!

The main characters, Marc (played by Hanno Koffler) and Kay (Max Riemelt) meet at police college somewhere in Germany. At the beginning of the fim Marc is engaged, with his fiancee expecting their first child. When he meets Kay his life is turned upside down and the movie chronicles the beginnings of their relationship and the fall out which ensues.

What particularly appealed to me about Free Fall is that it doesn’t adhere to the usual stereotypes: there are no pink t-shirts or limp wrists in sight. And neither of the main characters is a hairdresser: they are just ‘regular’ guys who so happen to be gay. The film is also well made (at least, in my humble opinion it is) and the dialogue/acting is believable. I’ve seen a few gay movies over the years (again, not pornos!) and unfortunately they can be a bit budget and the acting more than a little hammy. Free Fall was refreshingly good. So good in fact, that I’ve since bought the DVD. If I know you and you live in Wellington, you’re more than welcome to borrow it!

I’m not going to bother giving any of the movies I watch a score from 1 to 10 or a grade from A to D. After all, what does that really mean? Instead, I will simply RECOMMEND or NOT RECOMMEND the movie.

So….the verdict for Free Fall: RECOMMEND!

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