Geography Club, and not an oxbow lake in sight!

Geo Club

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on this wee website, so I thought it was about time I pulled my finger out and put pen to paper – or rather, fingers to keyboard.

On the weekend, I watched the movie Geography Club, and what a pleasant surprise it was. Having watched a few ‘gay’ movies over the years, and knowing just how sh*te they can be, I had low expectations when I hit the play button. But boy, was I wrong. Geography Club is a really good movie!

Geography Club is a 2013 movie from the States and is based on a novel by Brent Hartinger. The movie was directed by Gary Entin and stars Cameron Deane Stewart as Russ and Justin Deeley as Kevin (N.B. they’re both pretty hot). It’s a short movie – just 1h22 – yet it by no means skips over the issues; it tackles them head on.

Geography Club is essentially a love story. The main characters, played by Stewart and Deeley, are in their last year of high school. After almost meeting online, they finally hook up during a science field trip, and their pseudo-relationship goes from there. What is more, neither of the boys conform to stereotypes, which is a refreshing. Kevin’s life revolves around American football, and Russ joins the team in order to be closer to him.

The story plays out against the backdrop of the so-called ‘Geography Club’. Unlike its name suggests, the club has nothing to do with geography; it is, in fact, a clandestine LGBTI support group set up by a few of the students. ‘Geography Club’ is a code name they choose to try to make it sound as unappealing as possible. If nobody tries to join, nobody will discover the true nature of the club. However, when a kid named Brian turns up and asks to join, the group is forced to rethink its stance.

This is a great movie – the acting is good, it’s well produced, and it has a believable storyline. Having been a gay high school student myself (albeit closeted; if you had come out as gay in my high school in the 1990s, you’d have had ten bales of sh*t kicked out of you. Thank God the world has moved on!), I was certainly able to identify the characters.

I would definitely recommend Geography Club!