My first blog post…

Well, here goes nothing!


Hmm, what to write?


In all honesty, I haven’t the foggiest what I’m going to blog about!

All I know is that according to the how-to-become-a-world-famous-author-in-ten-minutes book I bought off of Amazon recently, I am supposed to be building an online presence and establishing a fan base in anticipation of my first novel.

So, lovely fans, keep watching as I muddle along and perhaps, somewhere along the way, I may write something vaguely amusing. And if there is anything you’re burning with curiosity to know, then drop me a line!

Oh, and I suppose I’d better give an update on my book…

…so far I have written 40,000 words. I hope to have the first draft complete by the end of July, ready to send off for an appraisal by the experts in the Hutt.

And whilst you’re waiting for my masterpiece to materialise, I may entertain you with a few movie, book and restaurant reviews.

Ka kite ano!

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